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Here's a selection of stories, articles and podcasts to give you an insight into the Tour Te Waipounamu.

Rob Dawson & Elaine Robinson set out to capture the TTW, with just one camera. Here is the feature-length documentary of inaugural race. 

"South" The Tour Te Waipounamu Story

Chris & Rob.jpg


From early nerves to hardy veterans, Bruce Maunsell follows the progress of four participants and gets the inside story from Race Creator Brian Alder. Featuring Georgia Whitla, Steve Halligan, Hana Black and Ollie Whalley . 

Pedal on Podcast: The race

Pedal on Podcast: Preview

Pedal on Podcast: Aftermath


Race Creator Brian Alder chats with Lewis Ciddor about the Tour Te Waipounamu and some thoughts on creating a bikepacking race route. provides live race commentary on bikepacking events around the globe. Hit the link for all the action as it played out during the races.


Thanks to Benni Moulam for getting up early and capturing rigs & riders before the start...I wonder what was learnt and what the rigs will look like next time??


In the second edition, Jakub Sliacan negotiated his way into NZ through MIQ and to the front of the field to set a new record time for the TTW.


The first man to get to Slope Point in TTW#1 gives an insight into what it takes to win.



Schwab put together this recap of her time spent navigating the route and its many surprises. Find her story and a vibrant gallery of photos from several participants here


Amanda tells how tough it can be just to stay in the game when things don't go to plan.


Tony sums up many riders thoughts with his story "What the hell are we thinking"


Photographer, writer and long-distance bikepacker Mark Watson shares his dive into the world of ultra-distance bikepack racing


Brendan has spent plenty of time in the saddle, but was unsure of just what he was getting himself into with TTW#1


With friends pulling the pin as the start date approached, Rachel decided just to start and see how far she could make it. Needless to say things turned out better than expected!


As one of the most experienced and hardened riders in the field, dotwatchers were expecting Steve to be at the front of the pack. But sometimes things just don't go as planned. It turns out acceptance and determination are as important as any training plan.

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